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Give the Gift of Hair-Free Skin

As we’ve moved into winter in this oddest of all years, we’ve moved indoors along with the season. That means we’re covering up areas we’d normally be worrying about shaving or using other means to get rid of the unwanted hair. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make the hair go away. And that strategy doesn’t work so…  read more

Hair 101

At Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal, we’re all about getting rid of your unwanted hair permanently. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like hair; just not in the wrong places! Let’s spend this last month of summer in this (still!) weirdest of years getting into the ins and outs of human hair. Call it…  read more

At-Home versus In-Office Hair Removal

More and more at-home lasers for hair removal have come on the market, and patients can be confused by the efficiency and safety of these home options. Of course, you’d expect us at Romeo & Juliette to tell you in-office treatments are still the way to go. But that’s not simply blowing smoke; there are…  read more

Things to Do Before Your Session

Now that we’re coming into summer, many of our clients want to address that unwanted hair around their swimsuits. We covered your options for our various bikini laser sessions last month. This month let’s get into what we’d like you to do before you come in for your laser hair removal session at Romeo &…  read more

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Why Am I Growing Hair There?

As women we’re very familiar with the light, fine hairs that show up all over our bodies. Peach fuzz. We get rid of them when we shave or if we have dermaplaning, but they’re not a big deal since they’re light, fine, and mostly invisible. That’s not the case, however, with the dark coarse hairs…  read more

Our GentleMax Pro Lasers

We’ve been on a tour of sorts the last couple months, introducing you to some of our 12 lasers at Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal. The blog let’s tell you about our two GentleMax Pro lasers, the GentleMax Pro and the GentleLASE Pro. The GentleMax Pro lasers are the leading tools for laser hair…  read more

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What’s Up with that Chin Hair?

You wake up and take that first peek in the mirror in the morning and looking back at you is a dark hair on your chin. It seems to have grown overnight, like some facial beanstalk. Unlike men, women aren’t used to seeing a big hair on the chin. What’s up with that? Since we’re…  read more

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What City Has The Most Plastic Surgeons?

OK, let’s say you grab a spot on Jeopardy! No, not the Celebrity Jeopardy parodied so excellently on SNL over at 30 Rock. The real Jeopardy! The category is Plastic Surgery. “I’ll take Plastic Surgery for $300, Alex.” “This city has the most plastic surgeons per capita.” Of course. Piece of cake. You could beat…  read more

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Who’s Having a Little Something Done?

While your brother-in-law, the diehard Yankees fan, could be what you would call a “stats guy,” those are baseball statistics. When it comes to the aesthetic world, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is the king. The association keeps statistics on aesthetic procedures performed all over the world. Although laser hair removal isn’t included…  read more

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Hair, Lasers, and You

At Romeo & Juliette, we’re all about getting rid of unwanted hair with our assortment of lasers. But we’re also hair experts — we respect the toughness of the little devils! Here’s some interesting stuff about all those hairs you’re looking to put out of business. Human hair anatomy Human hairs reside in follicles. The…  read more