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Your Skin Needs Vitamins, too! Part two

In October’s first Romeo & Juliette blog, we told you your skin is just as excited by those gummy vitamin supplements you take as the rest of your body. It doesn’t care about lots of that stuff, like chromium or magnesium, but it wants four vitamins: D, C, E, and K.  We started with vitamin…  read more

Cod-liver oil, omega3, vitamin D capsules on wooden spoon

Your Skin Needs Vitamins, too!

If you’re cognizant of your health, most people realize it’s not a bad idea to fill in the gaps in our modern diets with some vitamin supplements. You don’t have to go crazy and spend half your paycheck at the nutrition store, but a multivitamin and calcium are a good idea, especially for women.  “But…  read more