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Examining skin birthmarks and moles on a female patient

More About Skin Cancer Screening

In our first blog of the New Year, we discussed some basics of having your skin checked for skin cancer. Let’s get into this a little bit more, as skin cancer is a very serious issue. Am I at risk for skin cancer? Exposure to natural and artificial ultraviolet light is a risk factor for…  read more

Oncologist examining female patient with magnifier in clinic

Resolve to Check for Skin Cancer

At Romeo & Juliette, we’re the city’s preeminent laser hair removal specialists, with 12 (you read that right) different lasers that we put to use ridding our clients of their unwanted hair. But we also like to give you tips on caring for your skin, as this will be of the utmost importance once the…  read more

The Good and Bad of Sun Exposure

Now that we’ve made it to the calm warmth of summer after this weirdest spring of all time, we’d all like to get out to Long Island or the Shore and soak up a little sun. It’s actually good for you physically. And thanks to this annoying virus, it could do our collective psyches a…  read more

Causes and Clues on Skin Cancer

Skin cancer isn’t an unknown commodity any longer. Most people know at least something about skin cancer and usually take some measures to help prevent it. And while at Romeo & Juliette we’re all about helping you get rid of your unwanted hair; we also help our clients take care of their skin. First on…  read more

So You Think You Know Skin Cancer?

So You Think You Know Skin Cancer?

Living in New York City, it’s easy to forget about skin cancer. After all, it’s not like we’re in Manhattan Beach, California. We’re just in Manhattan. And we’re not skiing day after day at Aspen, soaking up all the high altitude UV radiation. Still, whether lounging in Central Park, hitting the beaches of Long Island,…  read more