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Knowing Your ABCs of Skin Cancer | Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal

Knowing Your ABCs of Skin Cancer

It may have been awhile since you were working on your ABCs. Or you may have just heard ABC on your Jackson Five playlist on your phone. Those letter sequences are fine, but you really should add D and E, especially considering we’re coming up on another New York summer when we’re all making our way…  read more

Hyaluronic Acid | NYC , NY

What City Has The Most Plastic Surgeons?

OK, let’s say you grab a spot on Jeopardy! No, not the Celebrity Jeopardy parodied so excellently on SNL over at 30 Rock. The real Jeopardy! The category is Plastic Surgery. “I’ll take Plastic Surgery for $300, Alex.” “This city has the most plastic surgeons per capita.” Of course. Piece of cake. You could beat…  read more