Underarm Laser Hair Removal in NYC

What Is Underarm Laser Hair Removal?

If you are no longer happy with having to tweeze, shave, or wax your unwanted hair, laser hair removal is an effective and long-term solution. One of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures, laser hair removal, is a treatment performed with lasers to disable the hair follicle so it no longer produces hair. With increasingly busy lives, who wants to worry about shaving? Imagine a life without having to worry about shaving your underarms or even other areas. Treatment with minimal side effects and so many advantages is worth considering for the modern man and woman.

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Benefits of Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal doesn’t just remove hair at the surface of the skin, it reaches below the epidermis to destroy hair in the hair follicles. The completeness of this technique means no more visible hair and also no more “shadow” from hair that lies just beneath the skin. From the very first laser treatment, the need to shave your underarms disappears. Along with that goes the risk of razor burn and bumps, cysts, and ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal is convenient and comfortable. It is ideal for people with a busy or active lifestyle who have no time for downtime and recovery. Most notably, laser hair removal provides long-lasting results.

Benefits of underarm laser hair removal:

  • No more shaving
  • Minimal side effects
  • Quick and easy procedure
  • Precise treatment of course hairs

Underarm Laser Hair Removal Patient Experience

Patient Testimonial

“Romeo and Juliette Laser has changed my life. I have been working on various parts of my body and the results are outstanding. I have zero hair on my legs and underarms and have only needed few touch ups over the years in between. The freedom of not having to shave and be able to wear whatever I want without thinking about it twice is worth everything, so liberating. The staff is extraordinarily kind, accessible, professional and so careful to make sure they are using the correct laser for the correct body part and the correct technician. This is a supremely professional place where the clients results and satisfaction comes before anywhere else”

Am I A Candidate For Underarm Laser Hair Removal?

Men and women who have dark or excessive hair on their underarms may be great candidates for laser hair removal. It is necessary to know what to expect in terms of long-term results (some hair may grow back) and to commit to the recommended series of treatment sessions. Aside from expectations, an active infection may be the only condition that may exclude someone from laser treatment. Fortunately, once the skin condition has resolved, treatment can be performed.

How Should I Prepare For Underarm Laser Hair Removal?

Certain medications may increase tenderness in the skin, so discuss prescriptions and even over-the-counter medications you are taking with your provider. The underarm area is usually hidden, but clients are advised to avoid sun exposure and sunless tanning before beginning their laser treatment plan. Also, avoid plucking or waxing the hair before having laser hair removal treatments. We recommend our patients to take precautions before the procedure so they have the best outcome possible.

The Laser Hair Removal Procedure: What To Expect

Laser hair removal of the underarms typically lasts about five minutes. Before we begin, we provide protective eyewear for added protection.

When laser hair removal begins, the handpiece will slowly pass over the skin. Laser light may cause a stinging, snapping, or warming sensation. Most patients do not describe this as painful. Immediately after treatment, your skin may appear slightly red or inflamed. However, you can expect these sensations to diminish quickly.

What happens after my underarm laser hair removal session?

It’s common for patients to have some redness and slight swelling across their underarm area after these treatments. This typically only lasts for a few hours. If you want to address any sensitivity or slight pain, you can apply a cold compress or ice pack to the area.

Your hair won’t be gone immediately. They are not zapped by laser energy and vaporized. That’s the stuff of sci-fi movies, not laser hair removal. The laser energy that has caught the unwanted hairs in the growth phase has traveled down the hair shaft and entered the hair follicle where it has hopefully destroyed the follicle. These hairs will begin falling out in a few days to a couple of weeks. Other hairs were in transition or resting phases, and they won’t be affected by the laser energy.

You’ll need to stay out of swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and steam rooms for 48 hours after your session. It’s also good to not partake in an exercise where you sweat extensively for a couple of days. Avoid touching your underarms during this time, as well.

How long after underarm laser hair removal can I shower?

You can shower within a few hours, but you don’t want to use overly hot water. For the first day or two, use lukewarm water. Try to limit its direct contact with your underarms, as they may be a little sensitive after your laser session.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Sessions Will I Need For Underarms?

Laser hair removal works by disabling the hair follicles. Hair grows in a cycle with several phases. Each hair removal treatment vaporizes existing strands of hair. The hair that is in a resting phase is not in the follicle and will, therefore, need to be treated. The entire cycle of hair growth occurs over several weeks. For this reason, laser hair removal involves 4 to 8 treatments, sometimes more.

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Can I shave between my underarm laser hair removal sessions?

As we’ve described above, we want your hair follicles to be actively engaged with the hair shaft. That makes for the most effective transfer of the laser energy into the follicle where it can destroy the follicle’s ability to grow hair in the future. Shaving has no effect on the follicle; it only cuts off the hair shaft at the skin level. So, you can shave as much as you like between your laser sessions with us.

What you cannot do is anything that pulls the hair shaft out of the follicle. That would include waxing and plucking. Do not do that between your underarm laser sessions.

What happens if I wait too long before sessions for underarm laser hair removal?

As discussed across our website, laser energy only affects unwanted hair when it is in the anagen/growth phase. That’s when the laser energy can effectively enter the hair follicle and damage or destroy it. Since every one of our 5 million or so hairs on the human body operate independently, the odds of catching your unwanted hairs in the right phase (there are also transitions and resting phases where the laser energy doesn’t affect the follicles) isn’t a guarantee. That’s why multiple sessions are necessary — to catch more and more hairs in the growth phase.

But what if you wait a longer period between sessions to remove your underarm hair? The hairs that were in the growth phase will have the follicles destroyed or deeply damaged. But other hairs were leaving the growth phase or just returning to it. They may only be partially damaged, and they can heal and return to growth. It’s those hairs that will benefit by waiting a longer period between sessions. If you keep on the timeframe we set up, it’s more likely those hairs will be able to be permanently stopped from returning to growth.

Remember, occasional maintenance sessions are always something we recommend. That’s because those partially damaged follicles can heal. Plus, hormonal changes can cause other follicles to return to growth. Occasional maintenance permanently keeps as many follicles as possible from growing hair.

Is Underarm Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Laser hair removal achieves long-lasting results that begin with the very first treatment. However, we do not refer to this protocol as permanent hair removal. Sometimes, a few hairs will grow back years after initial treatment. The degree of hair growth after laser hair removal rarely recurs as it did before treatment; only a small amount of hair grows back. Repeat treatment can be conducted to remove regrowth as needed.

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Is it safe to have underarm laser hair removal?

The FDA approved laser hair removal almost 30 years ago. This is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures every year and has been performed millions of times around the world. The most common side effects after treatment include skin irritation, such as redness and slight swelling on the treatment sites. This usually passes within a few hours.

Experience and training matters. When people have laser hair removal done at facilities with inferior lasers and untrained personnel, they can experience skin burns and other complications. That’s because the person isn’t adequately trained, and the laser used could be old technology. At Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal, we have 12 different lasers we use solely for removing unwanted hair. Our technicians have extensive training, and they understand how each different laser can be used to treat patients with different skin tones, hair colors, and hair types. You’ll lose your unwanted underarm hair here, and you’ll love ditching the razor forever.

Is Underarm Laser Hair Removal Painful?

We use the latest laser devices to increase efficiency and patient comfort. Most clients, even those who choose to have laser hair removal in the delicate underarm area, are able to tolerate their treatment just fine. The absorption of laser energy may feel like a rubber band snapping against the skin.

Risks of Laser Hair Removal on the Armpits

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective procedure when performed by trained, licensed professionals. Our facility has been equipped with a highly-trained staff and the latest laser devices to support safety, efficacy, and comfort. If laser hair removal is not performed by a trained professional, there is a risk of burns from the laser energy. Side effects are generally mild and temporary, including minor sensitivity that may feel like a sunburn. Applying ice for a few minutes can decrease this sensation, as can over-the-counter pain medication, if necessary.

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