Arm Laser Hair Removal in NYC

What Is Arm Laser Hair Removal?

We have established our New York City laser hair removal office to provide exemplary service to individuals wanting smoother skin. Our facility uses the latest technologies to expand our scope of care to all skin types and tones, even allowing us to treat delicate areas like the arms.

Laser hair removal is becoming even more popular over the years as people have less time to shave and want a quick solution. For men and women who want less hair on their arms or to lighten the appearance of it, this procedure can work for you.

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What are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal of the Arms?

The reason this treatment is so popular is that it destroys hair in the follicles, while shaving only removes the hair outside of the epidermis. This is why hair always grows back so quickly and there are "shadows" from hair just beneath the surface of the skin. After the very first laser treatment, the need to shave the arms or underarms disappears.

Additionally, having to deal with razor burn and bumps, cysts, and ingrown hairs is no longer part of your life. Laser hair removal is comfortable and easy to perform procedure and benefits individuals with busy lives or people that no longer want to shave. Most importantly,it provides long-lasting results.

Advantages of arm laser hair removal:

  • Minimal side effects
  • Quick and easy procedure
  • No more shaving
  • Precise treatment of course hairs

Who Is a Good Candidate for Arm Hair Removal?

Men and women with excessive or dark hair on their arms may be great candidates. Anyone who feels self-conscious about the amount of hair on their arms could benefit from getting this improvement done. Individuals wanting to achieve the best results possible must complete several treatment sessions.

Can I Get Arm Hair Removal if I Have Tattoos?

It is not recommended to have laser hair removal over tattoos. The type of laser energy used to remove unwanted hair is incompatible with the pigment in tattoos, yet it targets the pigment in hair. When this energy is absorbed by tattoo ink, heat can build too quickly in the skin, resulting in unintentional burns or blisters. We work around the tattoos by covering them.

What Our Patients Have to Say

“Last time I went to Romeo and Juliette it was 6 years ago and because of them I have gained so much confidence. The results are still amazing and I am going back now for treatment in other areas. Costumer service never disappoints. I will recommend this place to everyone interested!”

– Carmin G.

How to Prepare for Arm Laser Hair Removal

To prepare for treatment at our Manhattan office, you should avoid medications that could increase sensitivity to your skin. You may want to discuss your medications with your provider. A person's arms generally gets a lot of exposure to sunlight so sunscreen or long-sleeved shirts will be a necessity before and during the treatment process. Especially after receiving treatment, you must shield your arms for a few days.

Should I Shave My Arms In Preparation For My Treatment?

Yes. It is advantageous to shave the treatment area with a clean razor the day before getting laser hair removal. Shaving can improve comfort by shortening the path through which laser energy travels to disable hair follicles. The longer the hair, the more energy may build up and the more heat that may be felt in the skin. Shaving with a clean razor ensures that no bacteria is deposited on the skin (and in the follicles) from the razor itself.

How Is Laser Hair Removal Performed On Arms?

Protective eyewear is provided and used by us for our safety and yours during the treatment.
When the treatment begins, the instrument will slowly pass over the skin being targeted. The laser light may cause a warming or stinging sensation which is not described as painful. Your skin may appear slightly red or inflamed after the treatment. However, you can expect these sensations to diminish quickly.

How Long Is Treatment At Your NYC Office?

Laser hair removal of the arms typically lasts about 20 minutes.

Is Arm Laser Hair Removal Painful?

The treatment is comfortable nearly anywhere on the body. We use the most advanced technologies available to minimize uncomfortable sensations during treatments. Generally, clients describe their treatment sessions as easily tolerated, involving momentary snapping sensations and a diffuse warming sensation. After treatment, the skin may feel like it has been slightly sunburned. Applying Aloe Vera or Soothing Cream alleviates the symptoms.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Laser hair removal works by destroying the hair follicles.

For this to happen, energy travels through the hairs that are present in follicles at the time of treatment. From strands of hair, energy transfers into the follicles as heat. Hair grows in a cycle with several phases. Each hair removal treatment vaporizes existing strands of hair. The hair that is in a resting phase is not in the follicle and will, therefore, need to be treated.

The entire cycle of hair growth occurs over several weeks. For this reason, the procedure involves 4 to 8 treatments, and sometimes more is needed.

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Will My Arm Hair Grow Back?

Even though hair removal gives long-lasting results after the first treatment, more sessions may be needed. A few hairs can grow back years after initial treatment. The degree of hair growth after laser hair removal rarely recurs as it did before treatment; with only a small amount of hair growing back. Another treatment can remove regrowth as needed.

Are there Side Effects?

If laser hair removal is not performed by a trained professional, there is a risk of burns from the laser energy. At Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal we have trained and licensed professionals perform this safe and effective procedure.

Our highly-trained staff is knowledgeable about our treatments to further increase the safety and comfort of the patients. The side effects are usually mild and temporary and include minor sensitivity that is similar to a sunburn. Applying ice for a few minutes can decrease this sensation, as can over-the-counter pain medication.

How Much Does Arm Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Laser hair removal on the arms is an affordable and effective way to achieve long term results. It is difficult to estimate the cost of treatment for each situation because clients may respond differently to their sessions. It may take from 6 to 12 visits to get the long-term results we desire. We can make this estimate during our consultation, when we have seen the client’s skin and hair in person and better understand their needs.

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