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Our New York City office has been established to provide unparalleled service to men and women wanting smoother skin. Laser hair removal is all we do. This focus has enabled us to continually be recognized as the Best Laser Hair Removal in NYC.

Benefits of Bikini Laser Hair Removal

Hair in the bikini area can be incredibly frustrating. Left alone, it is very likely to show at the edges of your bathing suit. If you shave your bikini area, you may struggle with telltale signs like bumps, which aren’t much better than the hair itself. Razor bumps are itchy, red, and may become clogged with ingrown hair.

Which Treatment is Right For Me?

There are a number of “styles” of bikini hair removal. Believe it or not, these styles can come and go just like trends in fashion. For this reason, we encourage clients to consider their own personal preferences as their treatment approaches.

Basic Bikini Laser

The basic bikini laser permanently reduces hair that would sit right at, and possibly outside of, the leg of a bathing suit or panties. As it sounds, it is the minimal area of treatment. This need not be perceived as a limitation. In fact, the Basic may be ideal for those new to laser hair removal, for individuals concerned about their tolerance for laser treatment, and for teens.

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Full Bikini Laser

A full bikini treats the area within the swimsuit or panty-lines, up to about 4 finger-widths from the center. Hair may also be treated at the uppermost area, closer to the abdomen, and can go as low as you wish, down to the labia.

Brazilian Bikini Laser

The Brazilian Bikini Laser treatment is the most popular. It enables you to feel clean and fresh all the time, in bikini or not. The name “Brazilian Bikini” laser treatment stems from the prevalence of thongs worn in Brazil. In order to accommodate the thong bikini, the trend in Brazil has been to removal all hair in the pubic region. A Brazilian hair removal treatment permanently reduces hair from the front to the back. Specifically, the bikini line and central front area, the labia, and the perianal region.

To have a Brazilian doesn’t mean that you go Full-Monty. If you prefer, a strip of hair can be left at the central front region of the bikini area.

Bikini Hair Removal Before & After Photos

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Watch Bikini Hair Removal Treatment

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Will Hair Come Back After Treatment?

Laser hair removal cannot be referred to as permanent, even though it is the longest-lasting method of hair removal that exists today. Generally, we say that it is possible to achieve permanent hair reduction through a series of laser treatments. In most cases, patients do not see regrowth for several years. When regrowth does occur, it is usually minimal.

Periodic touch-ups are all that is needed to maintain the results of the initial treatment plan.

See what Our Patients Have To Say!

“I had laser before at different facilities with no visible success. One of my friends recommended Romeo & Juliette laser hair removal. I had stubborn ingrown on my bikini which there has been forever. Within two visits, I had an amazing results. They are definitely worth the price.”

-Luxury N. – August 2017

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Can Men Receive Laser Hair Removal?

Bikini laser hair removal is a popular treatment for men and women alike, yes! Our team is experienced in the provision of this service, performed in a discreet and respectable manner. We understand the nature of bikini laser treatments and ensure that you feel comfortable in terms of body coverage with a sheet or towel.

Bikini laser treatments for men are very similar to those that are popular for women. The bikini area is the skin that outlines that crook between the hip and the pubic bone. It’s what is visible outside of a bikini style of swimsuit or underwear. For men, the bikini laser hair removal process may also include adjacent areas of the lower abdomen or thighs.

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A more comprehensive style of bikini laser hair removal that’s also popular with men is the Brazilian style. In this procedure, we remove hair from a larger pubic area, all the way from front to back if so desired. There are multiple styles that can be created, from completely bare to the presence of a specifically-shaped “landing strip” of hair situated above the base of the penis. A skilled laser hair removal technician can discuss the various styles with you so you can identify exactly how you want your pubic area to look.

How To Prepare For Your First Session

There isn’t much you need to do before your procedure, except stop any plucking or waxing you have been doing. We need hair to be in the follicles in order for your treatments to be effective. We don’t need to see it, though, so feel free to shave right up until your visit.

Due to the nature of laser energy, we also suggest that you schedule your treatment during a time you can forego the tan. It doesn’t matter if your tan comes from the sun, from tanning lamps, or from a bottle, as it will affect the efficacy of your treatment and may require additional sessions.

How Soon After a Laser Hair Removal Treatment Can I Take a Shower?

Laser hair removal heats the hair follicles, which can result in minor sensitivity. You can shower right away after your appointment, but you must keep the water cool. Hot showers can resume after 48 hours of healing after laser treatment. To prevent skin irritation and inflammation, you should also avoid hot tubs and saunas for a few days after getting hair removal.

How Soon After Treatment Can I Go In the Sun?

Sun exposure should be postponed for two weeks after your procedure. Sunlight warms the skin and, after laser treatment, the skin is “recovering” from the thermal energy that has entered hair follicles. Unprotected sun exposure too soon after hair removal could result in burns or other types of irritation.

How Can I Care For My Skin After Laser Hair Removal?

While there are basic tips for aftercare, laser hair removal in the bikini area is slightly different than any other area of the body. It’s one of the most delicate parts of the body to treat, and may come with more intense sensations after sessions.

Much of how you care for your skin after undergoing bikini or Brazilian laser hair removal will be intuitive. In addition to following instructions regarding keeping the area clean and free of friction by wearing loose clothing, you may also find it helpful to apply cool compresses or soothing cream like Vitamin K or Vitamin E to the area a few times a day. The cool can offset the warming sensation that can linger after bikini laser hair removal sessions. Because friction can be irritating, you may also want to avoid sexual intercourse until the treated skin has returned to its normal level of sensation.

How Long is the Laser Hair Removal Procedure?

Each treatment can take between 15 and 30 minutes for the bikini area. The results of treatment begin soon after the very first appointment. However, patients can expect their complete cycle to take several months. It can take 8 or more sessions to achieve lasting results. These may be scheduled approximately 6 to 8 weeks apart. Remember, though, that subsequent treatments are done to stop further hair growth; your skin will be smoother and silkier after your first session.

How Many Treatments Should I Get?

The number of treatments you may need is unique to you. Our facility is equipped with the latest laser devices built for safety and successful outcomes. That said, the number of treatments needed depends more on your skin tone and hair color than on the technology used during treatment. Generally, we expect clients to achieve satisfactory, long-term results in 8 to 12 treatments scheduled at regular intervals. If hair grows back after you have completed your series of sessions, periodic touch-ups may be scheduled as needed to keep you hair free and beautiful.

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Are There Any Risks Associated?

Laser hair removal is generally considered safe when conducted by a trained professional. At Romeo & Juliette in NYC, laser hair removal is all we do. Our staff has the experience and training you can count on to achieve the best results with minimal risks. After hair removal, it is possible to experience the following:

  • Temporary redness and irritation. This should resolve within a matter of hours. If skin irritation is noticeable, you can apply an ice pack to the skin for approximately 20 minutes.
  • Pigment changes in the skin. Laser hair removal works with thermal energy, which can build heat in the hair follicles. Thermal energy can result in dark spots or light spots on the skin. These are expected to resolve on their own.

Severe side effects from laser hair removal are rare. Blistering and crusting is an uncommon side effect that may occur if sun exposure occurs too soon before or after treatment. Scarring is possible but is usually limited to people with a history of profound scarring. Laser hair removal risks decrease when you obtain treatment from a trained, experienced provider.

How Does Bikini Laser Hair Removal Work?

Bikini laser hair removal is done with a laser, which emits light. The light energy is then converted to heat, which damages the hair follicles , delaying and eventually preventing new growth. Laser hair removal can be performed on the bikini line only or complete hair removal, which is called a Brazilian.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe for Everyone?

In general, laser hair removal is safe for most people. However, individuals with extremely sensitive skin may experience more side effects, such as redness and pigmentation changes. Be sure to let your technician know beforehand if you have sensitive skin.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The exact number of treatment sessions will depend on the thickness of your hair and the areas you want hair removed. Individuals with very thick and coarse hair may require more sessions than someone who has thin hair. This will be discussed prior to treatment.

How Do I Prepare for Laser Hair Removal?

Before laser hair removal, it is best to avoid sunbathing for a few days as well as waxing for at least two weeks. You may shave the area 1-2 day prior to your consultation.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

The cost of bikini laser hair removal depends on the size of the area being treated, region pricing, and the clinic itself. Pricing will also be discussed during your consultation prior to treatment.

What Will Happen during My Consultation for Laser Hair Removal?

During your initial consultation with your provider at Romeo & Juliette, your skin type, hair type, and aesthetic goals can be discussed to determine which laser treatment would benefit you the most. Depending on your hair removal progress, your provider will review how to treat your skin post-laser treatment and how often you may need treatment. To learn more about laser hair removal and if it’s right for you, schedule a consultation with us today!

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