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We are pleased to offer hair removal services that create the utmost convenience in life. More and more people are discovering that they have many more things to do with their time than shave, pluck or wax areas of their body. Due to the rapid advancement of laser devices, hair removal has become something better left to the professionals. At Romeo & Juliette, unwanted hair is our specialty, and we have multiple laser devices to assist us in achieving the best results for each client.

Larger areas of the body, such as the back, can be a source of frustration when dealing with hair growth. Not only can back hair be physically uncomfortable, but it can also be cosmetically displeasing. Removing hair on this part of the body is particularly difficult, with or without assistance. Furthermore, just as shaving can cause ingrown hairs and breakouts on the face, it can do so on the back as well. If you’re tired of the struggle, laser back hair removal is an alternative to consider.

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Benefits of Back Laser Hair Removal

Whether back hair is thick and consistent from the low back to the shoulders or it grows thinly and intermittently along the back and sides, laser hair removal can resolve the problems that back hair causes. Men who undergo laser back hair removal can:

  • Put an end to the itching that back hair causes, especially in the summer heat
  • Stop shaving their back every few days
  • Feel more confident in their appearance when shirtless
  • Create more balance between heavily and thinly covered skin by thinning hair on the back
  • Reduce or eliminate skin irritation related to shaving or other methods of hair removal
  • Enjoy long-lasting results after a series of treatments

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“R&J is absolutely FIRST class. The owner and his staff are true professionals. They are very personable and very friendly. It’s a business but you would never know it. You are always greeted like you are family. Cleanliness gets a super A plus. I would recommend R&J to anyone. They pride themselves on being on time but always keep you informed of your scheduling. The technicians are GREAT at their job. Truly first class people.” 

– Brett H.

Candidate For Back Laser Hair Removal

Most people are good candidates for hair removal. In recent years, laser devices have improved significantly. This enables us to treat a wider range of skin tones and complexions. People with lighter hair or darker skin can now achieve their desired outcome from laser treatments with far fewer risks than were previously known. If you currently have back hair that just needs to go, contact our office to schedule a consultation where we can evaluate the color of your hair and skin. Our thorough assessment can help us determine which device would be most appropriate for you, as well as the number of treatments it may take to thin or remove your hair.

What Type of Laser is Used for This Treatment?

Romeo & Juliette is equipped with laser platforms that our experienced staff has carefully selected based on exemplary safety and efficacy ratings. When you visit us, you can expect your provider to evaluate not only your hair but also your skin tone and type. By doing so, they can determine which of our powerful laser devices would be most appropriate for you.

When Will I Start to See Results?

You can expect to start seeing results after your first treatment. During the procedure, the laser light obliterates the hair that is in the follicles. You may be left with some fine “peach fuzz” type of hair, which may begin to slough off within a week after your session. You might see the effects of hair removal treatment right away but you must complete the entire course of treatment to achieve the long-term gains you desire.

Does The Treatment Work on the Back if I Have Blonde or Red Hairs?

It might. Laser hair removal works by targeting the pigment in each strand of hair. We have had quite a bit of success with less pigmented hair. We would do a test patch and advise you on the spot. If there is enough contrast between the shade of your blonde or red hair and your skin, you may be a good candidate for treatment. At our facility in NYC, we utilize the very best laser technologies. This enables us to address the broadest possible range of hair and skin types. Contact us today to schedule a visit that will enable us to evaluate your hair and skin and discuss what’s possible for you.

Can I Get Laser Hair Removal if I Have Darker Skin?

You may be a good candidate even with darker skin, as we have many lasers and have experience with dark skin. Your provider at Romeo & Juliette will perform a thorough, careful examination of your hair and skin to ensure that laser treatment would be safe and effective for you. Newer lasers have been developed with the capacity to gently handle a wider variety of skin tones. That said, it may take more sessions to get the desired outcome.

Does Laser Hair Removal work if I Have a Tattoo?

Laser hair removal and tattoo removal work in a similar fashion. Both target pigment. If you have a back tattoo, that area will be covered during your treatments. Otherwise, the pigment in the tattoo will absorb some of the laser light. As such, we work around your Tattoo.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Laser back hair removal is no different than treatment on any other part of the body. Laser light enters into the hair follicle and immediately vaporizes hair that is in the active growth phase. Secondary to this effect, heat disperses through the hair follicle, leading to partial disability for future hair growth. Because hair grows in a cycle of active and inactive phases, laser treatments must be repeated about every 6 weeks. This interval of treatment allows us to capture hair in the follicle as the cycle continues. After 6 to 12 treatments, the entire cycle has been addressed and hair growth should be significantly altered for good. We find that most people obtain the best results with approximately 10 treatment sessions. During your consultation, we will estimate the optimal number of treatments based on the contrast between your hair and skin, as well as the laser device selected for you.

How long does Back Laser Hair Removal take?

Each session takes between 20 to 35 minutes to treat the entire back. After the very first sessions, clients often notice that their hair begins to shed and, as it grows back, it is lighter and thinner. That said, the laser hair removal process takes time. We schedule sessions at six-week intervals, and studies have shown that the best long-term results come from about 6-8 sessions. With that in mind, clients can prepare mentally for periodic laser treatments over the course of just over a year.

Is Back Laser Hair removal painful?

At Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal, we invest in the very best technologies for our craft. Over time, newer laser devices have been developed to increase comfort as well as efficacy and safety across a wider range of skin tones. During the treatment process, clients may feel a snapping sensation here and there. However, we have various cooling mechanisms during the treatment to make the experience quite manageable. The energy of the laser within hair follicles may also create a warm feeling on the skin. Neither of these sensations are painful.

Will all my back hair be removed permanently on the first session?

No. Hair grows in a cycle. For the full effect of laser hair removal on the back, as on any area of the body, a series of treatments must be completed. Yes, you will begin to see changes after your first session, but these are subtle and temporary.

What should I avoid after treatment?

After laser hair removal on the back, it is necessary to be a little gentler with the skin than normal. ( at least for the first 24-48 hrs post treatment )

  • The area can be gently washed with mild soap, but should be patted dry, not rubbed, for the first two days after treatment.
  • The area should be kept clean and dry to avoid unnecessary redness and irritation. While the skin is red or warm like a sunburn, it may be helpful to avoid applying lotion.
  • Clients should avoid scratching or picking the skin on the treatment area.
  • Shaving may be done as desired, but it is necessary to avoid all other hair removal methods in the treatment area.

Can I combine Back Laser Hair Removal with other procedures?

Yes! Studies have shown that it is perfectly safe to combine multiple areas of the body into one session.

Will my hair grow back faster after Laser Hair Removal?

No. Studies do not indicate that hair removal affects the speed of a person’s hair growth cycle. Hair does not grow back faster or slower, but at its normal rate. The laser treatment damages hair follicles so that the hair growth cycle stops for a prolonged period of time. When the cycle resumes, it rarely does so in all of the follicles in the treated area. In most cases, hair growth that occurs after laser hair removal does not happen for years and, when it does, causes little cosmetic concern. Patients may schedule touch-up treatments periodically to maintain the smooth skin that they love.

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Our NYC laser hair removal clinic is equipped with a dozen different types of laser devices. Not only do we have more lasers than any other center in the area, but we are also heavily involved in research for laser companies engaged in FDA studies. The work that we do sets industry standards. More importantly, the work that we do makes a positive impact on our clients’ lives.

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