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EXCELLENCE, this is how I would describe my experience here at Romeo & Juliette if I could only use one word. My whole life I waxed or shaved, if I could go back a couple of years and start lasering then I definitely would. I would save money,ingrown hairs and overall time. When choosing my preferred laser salon I carefully did my research in the NYC area and decided to pick Romeo & Juliette because I value the quality of a place rather than the numeral amount of reviews left since I am aware that many places will push clients to write 5 star reviews. I began my journey here in October, each session was carefully curated to my skin and necessities. The owners and the staff are amazing, professional to say the least and pay close attention to detail. If you are looking for a great laser place in New York, this place is THE place!! HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Been coming here for awhile. They charge fair prices and the service is good. No issues. I come in for maintenance sessions twice a year after I had a lot of it removed before. It helps a lot and I think it’s a worthwhile expense
Tasi Dasilva
I love the place Romeo & Juliette!! Getting laser hair removal here was the best decision I ever made!! If you’re thinking about doing it, this is definitely the place to go! Very professional staff extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. Thank you Lilly for taken care of me ❤️
Aline Luz
I did a lot of research before choosing this place to do my laser hair removal. So far, I am very impressed with the quality of their services. It is even better than what I expected. I got amazing results with only two sessions, with much lower levels of pain compared to other lasers that I have done in the past (light sheer and IPL). I have been doing my appointments with Lily and Ulya and they are so nice and knowledgeable. I am planning to do laser in several more body parts with them. --------- Update: Results were even better than expected with very few sessions. I am booking additional sessions for other body parts. I definitely recommend them. This is the real deal.
Vivian Barros
I came to Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal having to shave my underarms daily, which was incredibly painful. After just one treatment I was amazed at the results - I went from shaving daily to maybe once a week and with no more ingrown hair! That's after just one session. Now that I've had a few treatments I barely even have to think about my underarms at all. I recently started on my bikini area as well and already notice a difference. I recommend Romeo & Juliette to everyone. Christian and Ulya are the best, they are so kind and caring, and they are experts at laser hair removal. I trust them completely!
Alex Lindeman
What a relief! I am a Critical Care Nurse, and I always do compare and conduct excellent research to find what is best for my patients but this time, it is me, and I needed to show all my research skills. I visited almost every laser center in NYC because I wanted to compare to trust a place that I would not regret. This is the 4th place so far and I LOVED IT. I am a male, wanted my beard to be gone. I have been trying to get rid of it last 2 years and my chin would not give up. Whatever I did and wherever I went, no one could get rid of my shadow until I found out about this place. They have all the laser machines. I didn’t have to ask if they have what I needed. They assessed me and made a treatment plan. (No other place did an assessment). They had the suitable machine and the correct settings for my thick beard. By the second session, they were all gone. I jumped up and down. They made me save my money and my time. I can’t believe there is such a place that specializes only in hair treatments. I am super satisfied. Photos are before the first treatment and 3 weeks after first treatment
Burcu Esmer
I had very bad bumps on the back of my head because of ingrown hairs. I was very unsure on how this issue would have been treated. I went to Romeo & Juliet and they suggested laser hair removal on my head. They treated my particular issue with care and special attention. The staff were very nice and made me feel comfortable as I was very nervous with the procedure. After several sessions, I started to see improvement with my case. After months of ongoing treatment, my bump issue was finally cured. The laser hair removal worked perfect and my confidence has been restored. I highly recommend this place because of the knowledgeable staff and their kind demeanor.
Raynald Honore
My experience with Romeo and Juliette was phenomenal! They are very professional and knowledgeable. I had my bikini area done and had amazing results. Will come back for more areas. I highly recommend this place.
This place is spectacular. I left there extremely satisfied and hair free!! The staff are great and I still continue to go. I give 10 stars

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“This place is spectacular. I left there extremely satisfied and hair free!! The staff are great and I still continue to go. I give 10 stars.”

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