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Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 60 ratings.

My experience with this business has been first rate from the first telephone call of inquiry to the decision to trust their expertise and services. I have have used multiple services consecutively based on my satisfaction with the results and the level of professionalism and warmth from the team of professionals who work here. One of the many qualities about this company that I appreciate is that the owners make sure that they keep their state of the art equipment in first rate condition and the premises are immaculate. In addition, they are engaged in active professional development to keep abreast of the technological advancements and best practices standards. Since the Pandemic, they have taken great care and precaution to ensure a safe and clean environment for the safty and welfare of their clients and themselves. The level of thoughtfulness continues to be appreciated. I also appreciate how knowledgeable all team members are about the services and the fact that realistic expectations based on age, genetics and health are considered when discussing treatment plans. In essence they do not over promise and under deliver. Everything is transparent. I wholeheartedly recommend Romeo and Juliet in general, but in particular, I have been fortunate to work with Lily, who is not only a consummate professional, but a genuinely wonderful human being. Those qualities are rare within this business sector in general, but in particular, there is consistency among the entire staff.
Halima Taha
I have nothing but WONDERFUL things to say about Romeo and Juliet laser center!! My experience started with an inquiry after having a horror story at a different popular NYC salon that offers laser treatments. The first conversation was very impressive because instead of rushing me in to get a service Christian asked for photos of what the damage was and then recommended I start using topical treatments to heal the situation before I begin the process at R&J. At my initial visit I actually did not get lasered because the wonderful manager felt like my skin needed more time to heal before starting my sessions at R&J and I paid nothing for that visit! I'm about four sessions in now and everything has been amazing Ullia ( I hope I spelled that correctly) has been nothing but a gem from the very first day I met her. The staff there really are invested in seeing results not just taking money and every visit I feel more confident about the final results of my under arms afterward. They come highly recommended (especially if you have darker skin) and every recommendation is correct they are the best in NYC! This is coming from someone who's tried a popular Instagram famous salon with terrible results and the team at R&J have been able to almost completely correct the other salons mistake. I'm four sessions in and the hair regrowth for my underarms barely poke through the surface, when they do the hair is very very thin. Forever grateful and highly recommend R&J for your laser needs!
Dominique Hinkson
The staff at Romeo and Juliette are top notch! The care and attention to detail each technician provides is so special. They take extreme care in making your experience one that is personal and satisfying. The owner Christian Karavolas is such the consummate professional-he always makes sure you leave feeling great and that your goals are accomplished. I recommend this place highly to anyone wanting a job that is nothing less than the best! They are my favorites in New York City!! Love you guys!!
B. Lynn Zimoyier
Romeo & Juliette Laser had changed my life for the better! I had a birthmark on that side of my face and was always self conscious about it, ever since I started my package I grew more confidence with every passing session. Before I wouldn’t be able to speak to people without being insecure of the possibility they may judge me, now I don’t have to worry about that because it’s completely taken care of thanks to R&J. They really care about your progress but also about you, I am forever thankful and could not be more happier!
R&J is simply the best. You absolutely get what you pay for and that at R&J is a consistent high quality service every single visit. The owner, Chris, met with me to discuss the areas, and it just felt incredibly authentic. There were no gimmicks or sales pitch just a conversation on how he and his staff wanted to achieve maximum results, and they have! Nearly a few months in the results are outstanding. This is in large part to the incredible, Anna, who is not only extremely thorough but also warm, inviting and caring. I could not be a happier client. Keep up the great work, Chris and team!
Jacob Webber
When ever I see the blonde pony tail, “well bob now” I know I’m in great hands. She takes her time and so gentle and caring. I will always gonna k because of her and her amazing service. She’s takes such good care of me every time. She greets me and I feel like I’m back with family again. The best! The best! The best!
J Lewis
This place is amazing. The results are amazing. The most important part for me since I deal with customer service is that on top of treatments being very effective compared to other salons. The customer service has been exceptional 5 star. They work with you on whatever your needs might be. The results are life changing, and I mean it. It’s expensive but I’ve never even reconsidered any other place.
Priscilla Reyes
Always a great experience. I love how much of a team I feel like I am on as we discuss what goals I have for my laser hair removal. Very clean and professional and the results have been great! I would highly recommend this place to anyone!
Jackie Scordo
I don’t recall when i came for my underarm laser hair removal, but is definitely close to 10 yrs, i did many research back in my college year and finally made up my mind and had it done at Romeo and After 10 years, the result are still great, i do have few hair grow back but not a major issue for me. Today my friend ask me about laser hair removal and you guys pop up in my mind, i went on google map and share the link for her. Hope everything is well and keep up the good business in this pandemic.
Ruby Fang
Stefani Brea

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“This place is spectacular. I left there extremely satisfied and hair free!! The staff are great and I still continue to go. I give 10 stars.”

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