Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal Lasers

Laser Hair Removal Lasers NYC | Manhattan NY

Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal uses the world’s most advanced lasers. Our lasers offer optimal wavelengths for hair removal, facials, facial rejuvenation, and treatment of pigmented lesions, acne, scars, sun-damaged skin, spider veins and facial and leg telangiectasias.

Our Advanced Laser Devices

We perform hair removal treatment for the face and body using the most advanced lasers on the market. These include the following:

  • Synchro REPLA:Y
  • GentleMax Pro
  • GentleLASE PRO
  • The Elite+
  • Elite MPX

Synchro REPLA:Y

synchro replay Combining 3 different sources a 755 nm Alexandrite, a 1064 nm Nd:YAG and the FT intense pulsed light makes the Synchro REPLA:Y a complete and versatile platform designed to offer a broad range of treatments including Fast Hair Removal, Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB), Photocoagulation of Dermatological Vascular Lesions, Benign Pigmented Lesions.

What are the benefits of the Synchro REPLA:Y Laser?

  • It has multiple spot sizes with speeds in excess of 3 pulses per second. This makes the treatment very fast.
  • Its unique pulse width configuration, together with its beam profile make the laser less painful than others and the treatment quite tolerable.
  • The settings can be customized based on the individual’s needs. It has many variables, unlike any other laser on the market.


SPLENDOR X | Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal NYCThe First Laser in the World with a Square Spot, BLENDX Bilateral Emission of Nd:YAG and Alexandrite Wavelengths with a Large 27 X 27 Spot, rapid repetition rate and very little discomfort. It allows the ability to customize hair removal and skin treatments across a wide range of skin tones like never before.

Learn more about SPLENDOR X.

GentleMax Pro

gentle max pro laser hair removalAs the world leader in light-based aesthetic technologies, Syneron-Candela continues to set the standard for innovation and performance. So it’s no surprise that GentleMax Pro, our integrated aesthetic platform, offers more power and versatility than any other multi-wavelength device. With GentleMax Pro, you get a single consolidated system that delivers an incredibly diverse range of treatments.

What are the benefits of the GentleMax Pro Laser?

  • By combining two lasers into one, the GentleMax Pro creates a large spot delivery system
  • Provides the fastest dual wavelength laser hair removal treatment available
  • It removes hair on all skin types


gentlelase proGentleLASE PRO represents the re-imagination of the aesthetic industry’s premier laser for removing hair, epidermal pigmented lesions, and wrinkle reduction. It’s faster and loaded with advanced features that continue to deliver superior results and earn the trust of practitioners and patients worldwide.

What are the benefits of the GentleLASE Pro Laser?

  • Utilizes Dynamic Cooling Device that sprays a small dose of cryogenic cooling mist just before and after laser pulses are delivered
  • Keeps the skin cool and comfortable
  • Two pulses per second for fast treatment
  • Is effective on vellus hair

The Elite+

cynosure elite plusThe Elite+ ™ removes unwanted hair with unsurpassed efficacy and comfort. That’s because its revolutionary technology combines two optimal wavelengths in one system: the 755nm Alexandrite laser and the 1064nm Nd:YAG laser.

What are the benefits of the Elite+ Laser?

  • Offers longer pulse durations for treating darker skin tones
  • Air cooling throughout keeps patients comfortable
  • Dual wavelengths for different treatment areas
  • Adjustable pulse widths for different skin types

Elite MPX

elite mpxA highly versatile workstation, the Elite MPX allows you to perform multiple applications quickly and more safely for patients of any skin type—resulting in increased patient throughput and optimize revenue opportunities. The Elite MPX offers The most comprehensive range of hair removal applications available today; treatment of facial and leg veins; treatment of pigmented lesions such as age spots & freckles and photo-aged skin.


What are the benefits of the Elite MPX Laser?

  • Dual wavelengths for versatility
  • Wavelengths can be sequentially emitted for fast, effective treatments
  • SmartCool technology protects against thermal damage to the skin
  • SmartCool maximizes patient comfort during and after treatment
  • Small to medium spot size for hard-to-treat areas