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Dealing with unwanted hair is such a tedious, expensive, and perpetual chore. You shave, wax, pluck, or apply harsh depilatory creams to get rid of your unwanted hair, and then a couple weeks later it’s right back again.

At Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal we are dedicated to a better way. We put the world’s most advanced team of lasers on the task of removing your unwanted hair permanently. We have 12 state-of-the-art lasers that offer our patients the most sophisticated, effective options in the city for removing their unwanted hair.

One of those lasers is the Synchro REPLA:Y. Here’s some more information laser hair removal marvel.

What is the Synchro REPLA:Y Laser?

The Synchro REPLA:Y offers the fastest and most powerful Alexandrite laser coupled with nd:YAG laser technology and the largest available target spot (24 mm) for fast, efficient, comfortable laser hair removal. Made by Deka Medical, this laser features “Top Hat Spot Technology” that delivers a very even distribution of energy across the entire spot of the laser beam. This eliminates any hot spots, eliminating the risks associated with overtreating the skin or undertreating due to uneven laser energy distribution.


What skin types can the Synchro REPLA:Y Laser treat?

We use the Synchro REPLA:Y Laser to remove hair on all skin types, including darker skin tones and tanned skin.

What are the benefits of the Synchro REPLA:Y laser?

This Deka laser has many great features that our patients love.

  • The Synchro REPLA:Y has what is called Top Hat Spot Technology. This is a very even (think the shape of a top hat) distribution of energy, not the usual bell curve with most other lasers. This even distribution of energy on the entire spot of the laser beam eliminates all risks either of overtreating the skin, or of not properly irradiating it due to low energy towards the edge of the spot.
  • It has multiple spot sizes with speeds in excess of three pulses per second. This makes for very fast treatment times.
  • It features a unique pulse configuration and beam profile that make the Synchro REPLA:Y far more comfortable than many other lasers used for hair removal.
  • The settings can be completely customized based on the patient.
  • By adding power to the Alexandrite laser, the Synchro REPLA:Y is at least 25 percent more powerful than any other system out there.
  • Power was also added to the Nd:YAG laser source, making it 30 percent more powerful than other YAG lasers on the market.
  • This is the top worldwide laser system for speed and power for laser hair removal.

Before & After Laser Hair Removal

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Am I a candidate for laser hair removal with the Synchro REPLA:Y laser?

Pretty much anyone with unwanted hair can benefit from these treatments. Estimates place the cost of a lifetime of shaving at somewhere around $10,000. Waxing? $22,000. And those numbers don’t take into account the time you’re spending; those are just the costs for materials and treatment (with waxing).

Plus, the Synchro REPLA:Y is excellent for darker skin tones and tanned skin that other laser hair removal lasers cannot treat. This is because most other lasers need a high contrast between the skin tone and the hair color. That makes it easy for the laser to differentiate and deliver its energy into the hair shaft, rather than the surrounding skin. The Synchro REPLA:Y has 12 different handpieces that allow us to deliver the safest, most effective laser hair removal without worrying about damaging the surrounding skin.

How long do these treatments take?

The Synchro REPLA: Y has a very fast repetition rate. This allows us to treat the most hair in less time. How long your session will take is completely dependent upon the areas we are targeting. For instance, removing the hair from your upper lip or sideburns may take just a few minutes. Your underarms may take 15 minutes. Your legs will take a half hour or so.

Our Romeo & Juliette patients sometimes ask why it takes multiple sessions to remove the unwanted hair. The problem is that each of our roughly five million hairs on the human body operates independently of each other. Each hair can be in the growth, transition, or resting phases. Only during the growth phase is the hair actively anchored in the follicle and reachable with laser energy. In the transition and resting phases, the follicles are pushing the hairs out to be shed, and they are no longer anchored actively. Laser energy has no effect on these follicles. By having multiple treatments, the goal is to catch more and more of your unwanted hair in the growth phase.

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We find our patients achieve the level of permanent hair removal they seek with 5-7 treatments. These are usually spaced 4-6 weeks apart. This will achieve from 85 to 90 percent permanent hair reduction. Some follicles that are partially damaged can return to hair growth. Plus, some of our fine vellus hairs can convert to thick, dark terminal hairs. For those reasons, yearly maintenance treatments can keep your unwanted hair away.

Is there recovery after these treatments?

There isn’t any recovery after your session. Your skin on the treated areas may be slightly red and it may swell a little bit. But these effects pass within a few hours. You can go right back to your normal activities as soon as you leave our 57th Street offices.

What results can I expect from my Synchro REPLA:Y laser treatment?

When you return home after your session at Romeo & Juliette, your hair will still be there, and your skin will be slightly red. This can seem disappointing — after all, your results with waxing and the like provide instant results. But the vehicle for the unwanted hair growth is now damaged or destroyed. Without the follicle to anchor them, the hairs will begin to fall out over the following days. You need to be patient and not pluck or scrub the hairs to accelerate their falling out. Let them do it on their timeframe.

After a few days, it will look like there is new hair growing on the treatment areas. This can be even more disconcerting, but it’s actually a sign of success. These are the hairs where the follicles have been damaged. Hair that was down below the skin in the follicles is being pushed out and shed.

Remember, not all of the hair in the treatment area will fall out. The hair that was in the growth phase will, but other hairs that weren’t will remain. Usually the affected hair will be about 20 percent of the total during that session. That’s why multiple sessions are necessary — to catch more and more hair in the growth phase.

Our patients achieve 85 to 90 percent permanent hair reduction after their series of Synchro REPLA:Y sessions.

Are there any risks involved with laser hair removal?

Lasers have been removing hair commercially since 1997, the year the FDA approved their use for “permanent hair reduction.” They were tested for approximately two decades before that. Laser hair removal is a very popular procedure around the world and has proven to be safe, comfortable, and effective. There are very few risks, really only skin burns, and those are the result of inexperienced or poorly trained providers.

At Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal, laser hair removal is all we do. Our team has the highest level of training and experience available. Plus, for further safety, the Synchro REPLA:Y has an external air cooling system that ensures you’ll be comfortable during your session.

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