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Woman's underarm in laser hair removal

How It All Got Started

Unlike other mammals, humans have a thing about getting rid of what makes us, well, mammalian. Whatever the reason, we’ve long been focused on getting rid of the hair covering certain areas of our bodies. Ancient Egyptians used tweezers made from seashells to pluck every hair they could find, leaving only the eyebrows. Other methods…  read more

doctor treats the face of a man with a modern laser epilator.

Catching the Hair at the Right Time

Dealing with unwanted hair is so Sisyphusian. What, you’re not up on your Greek mythology? Well, the Cliffs Notes, please. Sisyphus was the King of what is now known as Corinth. He had this way of cheating fate by cheating (tricking) death, so he kept outliving his fated time. Zeus, the boss of the Greek Gods,…  read more

perfect smooth female legs receiving laser epilation

Stop the Madness — Get Rid of the Hair Permanently

If you’re headed to Brighton Beach, lesser-known Manhattan Beach Park, or the Island who’s excited about shaving their legs and armpits for the umpteenth time in preparation? Who doesn’t love the tedious ritual of shaving, plucking, waxing, or assaulting your skin with napalm-like depilatory creams? Why not get rid of the hair for good? Now…  read more

Men lying at beautician's during laser back hair removal therapy

Do You Know Our Synchro?

At Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal, we’re technology geeks when it comes to our lasers. That’s why our owner, Christian Karavolas, has continued to expand our assortment of lasers available for our patients. Mr. Karavolas is a consultant to DEKA, Cynosure, Candela, and Lumenis — the world’s preeminent laser manufacturers.  One of our most…  read more

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This Is the Time to Start Removing Your Unwanted Hair

Sometimes a client will come into our beautiful offices on 57th Street and look to schedule a single laser hair removal session. They assume this will be all they need to zap away those unwanted hairs. Many people assume laser hair removal deals with the visible hairs above the surface skin, so hitting them with…  read more

What You Need to Do Before You Come In

At Romeo & Juliette, removing your unwanted hair is all we do. And we have 12 different lasers to handle the job, ensuring we have the right laser to match your skin tone and hair type.  The process is pretty simple once you come to our beautiful offices on 5 East 57th Street in Manhattan….  read more

Who Invited These Hairs to My Summer?

As mammals, we’re all familiar with our plethora of hair. That’s right, five million and counting on the average homo sapien. Alas, some of those hairs are more coveted than others. Or at least some are more tolerated.    Take our vellus hairs. You know them as peach fuzz. They’re no big deal because they’re very…  read more