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Moisturizing cream for clean and soft skin in winter time.

Skincare Routines: 3 Reasons To Get One

It’s National Healthy Skin Month in November! Skin health is the focus this month. Regular skin care routines are the best way to do this. Skincare routines have many benefits beyond making your skin look good. Using it can avoid problems like acne, wrinkles, and dry skin.  A good skincare routine will also make you…  read more

How Lasers Can Tighten Your Skin | Laser Treatments New York, NY

How Lasers Can Tighten Your Skin

You know we love our lasers at Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal. We’re kind of geeky about them, offering more varieties of lasers for hair removal and vein removal than anyone else. That’s why we have such a loyal clientele. But we also like to tell our patients about other procedures or health tips…  read more

Goodbye Spider Veins

There are lots of irritating things that come with aging, but spider veins are right up there. Spider veins. Ugh. Those small, squiggly, web-like networks of red, blue, or purple lines coursing about on your legs and face aren’t painful, but they are a pain! Particularly during the warm weather when we’re in shorts and…  read more