Covering the ABCDEs of Melanoma

melanomaThere’s nothing wrong with wanting a nice tan for your skin. But too much sun exposure can lead to serious skin complications. It is important to protect your skin from overexposure to UV rays, as melanoma is a major form of skin cancer that can form from too much sun. Many people don’t understand what melanoma is or what to look out for. In this blog, we are going to be going over the ABCDEs of melanoma. These are key indicators that will keep you informed on whether or not you should take a visit to the doctor.

What Is Melanoma? 

Melanoma is a very serious type of skin cancer that affects the pigmentation of the skin. Melanoma shows up in the form of moles. Since moles are very common in the body, it is important to understand what sets melanoma apart from normal, healthy moles.

ABCDEs of Melanoma 

  • Asymmetry: normal moles tend to have some uniformity in their shape. Melanoma tends to show up in very asymmetrical shapes. If you have a mole that is very sporadic in its shape, it could be a cause for concern 
  • Border: a common indication of melanoma is a jagged or spiky border. Normal moles tend to have smoother edges
  • Color: normal moles tend to have a uniform color, while melanoma shows up in a mixture of multiple colors. These colors can be red, brown, blue, purple, or pink. If your mole is exhibiting a combination of these colors, it could be an indication of melanoma
  • Diameter: melanoma normally shows up in larger moles. If you notice a mole that is larger than usual, it could be melanoma
  • Evolving: if you notice that the mole is evolving, or if any of these traits are evolving, it could be an indicator of melanoma

Keep Your Skin Beautiful

While it is important to keep your skin looking and feeling nice, it is also important to make sure that it is happy and healthy. If you see any indicators that you can have melanoma, it is important to see a doctor immediately. However, if your skin is on the right track and you are looking to gain smooth skin for the summer, Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal in New York, New York is the place for you. Led by qualified and experienced technicians, the team at Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal can provide you with world-class laser treatment. Contact us today at (212) 750-2000 or visit us online at to schedule your appointment.

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