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Sun Damaged Skin

In April’s first blog we got into some of the history of our love affair with the sun. From celebrated tan lines to freckle faces, everyone wanted to show off their tanned skin. All the while, the clock was ticking, and sun damage was accumulating. Not that any of us knew that back in the…  read more

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The Sun and Your Skin

Sun protection and cigarette smoking have an interesting similar trajectory. Back in the 40s and 50s it seemed everyone, literally, smoked cigarettes. Cigarette companies even enlisted doctors to support their claims of “doctor-recommended” brands and the like. And then came the 60s and information about scientific research linking lung cancer and emphysema to cigarette smoking…  read more

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What’s Your Skin Type?

OK, if you’re out at Goldie’s in Brooklyn, that question in the headline may elicit a quizzical look from the person you’re trying to start up conversation with. Hey, at least it’s better than what’s your sign, right? Well, at least your skin cares that you know what type it is, as this allows you…  read more

Woman's underarm in laser hair removal

How It All Got Started

Unlike other mammals, humans have a thing about getting rid of what makes us, well, mammalian. Whatever the reason, we’ve long been focused on getting rid of the hair covering certain areas of our bodies. Ancient Egyptians used tweezers made from seashells to pluck every hair they could find, leaving only the eyebrows. Other methods…  read more

doctor treats the face of a man with a modern laser epilator.

Catching the Hair at the Right Time

Dealing with unwanted hair is so Sisyphusian. What, you’re not up on your Greek mythology? Well, the Cliffs Notes, please. Sisyphus was the King of what is now known as Corinth. He had this way of cheating fate by cheating (tricking) death, so he kept outliving his fated time. Zeus, the boss of the Greek Gods,…  read more

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Stop the Madness — Get Rid of the Hair Permanently

If you’re headed to Brighton Beach, lesser-known Manhattan Beach Park, or the Island who’s excited about shaving their legs and armpits for the umpteenth time in preparation? Who doesn’t love the tedious ritual of shaving, plucking, waxing, or assaulting your skin with napalm-like depilatory creams? Why not get rid of the hair for good? Now…  read more

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More About Skin Cancer Screening

In our first blog of the New Year, we discussed some basics of having your skin checked for skin cancer. Let’s get into this a little bit more, as skin cancer is a very serious issue. Am I at risk for skin cancer? Exposure to natural and artificial ultraviolet light is a risk factor for…  read more

Oncologist examining female patient with magnifier in clinic

Resolve to Check for Skin Cancer

At Romeo & Juliette, we’re the city’s preeminent laser hair removal specialists, with 12 (you read that right) different lasers that we put to use ridding our clients of their unwanted hair. But we also like to give you tips on caring for your skin, as this will be of the utmost importance once the…  read more

hyaluronic serum acid in petri dish

Happy New Year to Your Skin with Hyaluronic Acid

In this merry month’s first blog, we discussed some basics about hyaluronic acid and how its job is to help keep your skin and joints (among other areas) hydrated and lubricated. Hopefully, you went out and grabbed a moisturizer that has hyaluronic acid in it for a friend or partner for a stocking stuffer. Now…  read more