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Disproving Common Myths About Laser Hair Removal

Those with unwanted hair are left with a few options for removal: Shaving, waxing, and laser hair removal services. Shaving can be tedious and sometimes leave the skin irritated and itchy, and waxing can be incredibly painful. So why aren’t more people turning to laser hair removal? It could be due in part to the common misconceptions that started when lasers were less advanced than they are today. Learn more about the misconceptions that could keep you from trying this revolutionary treatment.

#1: Lasers Are Unsafe

Some people have developed the false misconception that lasers are unsafe due to exposure to light pulses. However, any claims about laser hair removal being unsafe in the long term are unfounded. Further, this treatment was FDA-approved in the mid-90s and has been deemed safe as a hair removal method.

#2: It Doesn’t Work on All Skin Tones

Some older versions of lasers may have been less effective on darker skin tones, leading to the misconception today that laser hair removal is only effective on lighter skin tones. Various lasers are now available, each capable of treating different skin tones and conditions. Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal utilizes a range of the most advanced lasers in the industry and proudly offers laser hair removal for skin of color.

#3: It’s Painful

Most patients have reported that the laser creates a small stinging sensation but is not overly painful. This may also vary depending on the area the laser is applied to. However, they offer a topical anesthetic to help keep you comfortable throughout your treatment.

#4: It Only Takes One Session

Unfortunately, laser hair removal does not take just one session. This is due to the cycle of hair growth. The laser can only target the hair follicles when they are in a specific cycle of hair growth, so it may take a few sessions to completely remove the hair.

Depending on the person, it will likely require two to six sessions. However, the hair will not grow back for several months or even years. Because of this, many patients prefer it over waxing and shaving, which has to be done far more often.

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