Winter Skin Survival Tips

Laser Hair Removal Services New York, NYWinter in New York can have its challenges, from icy sidewalks to bone-chilling winds. It’s easy to forget about our skin, bundled as it is under layers of clothing. But your skin in the winter needs special attention due to both the cold outside and the dry heat indoors.

We’re usually about getting rid of your unwanted hair at Romeo & Juliette, but we also are happy to pass along some beauty tips here and there. Here are some tips for keeping your skin happy this winter in the city.

  1. Moisturize more— Those moisturizers you’ve been using in the spring and summer may just not cut it during winter. You may look to change from a water-based moisturizer to an oil-based moisturizer. This will create a protective layer on your skin.
  2. Sunscreen— Winter is no time to forget the sunscreen. The sun may be lower in the sky, but it will still fry your skin, particularly if you’re skiing at Stowe or Mad River and the snow is reflecting the sun back up.
  3. Pay attention to your hands— Because the skin on your hands is some of the thinnest on your body, and because your hands have fewer oil glands, they can easily dry out. They can even start cracking. Wear gloves when you’re outside and moisturize the skin on your hands, maybe even with a heavier moisturizer than you use elsewhere on your body.
  4. Humidify the air— Forced air furnaces create super dry air, as do space heaters under your desk at work. Humidifiers can help. You don’t have to purchase an elaborate system to attach to your furnace — they often break down due to hard water — but little individual units here and there can help.
  1. Treat your feet— Like your hands, areas on your feet have thin skin. Plus the bottoms are always fighting dryness in winter. Balms you put on your feet in the summer won’t cut it in the winter. Look for lotions that contain petroleum jelly or glycerin.
  1. Be patient with the peels— Winter isn’t the best time for chemical peels. Why? They naturally remove oil from your skin. While mild glycolic peels are OK, anything harsh should probably wait until spring. Avoid products with alcohol and clay-based cleansers (they draw moisture out of the skin).
  1. Avoid steaming hot baths— While they sound good when you’re cold, the intense heat of a really hot bath or shower breaks down the lipid barriers in the skin, decreasing moisture. Shorter, lukewarm (which don’t sound good on a cold day) baths are better.

Of course, winter is a good time to get rid of that unwanted hair. That way your skin will be happy, and your hair will be gone come the summer bikini season. Call us for a complimentary consultation, 212-750-2000.

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