Nourish Your Skin Coming Out of Winter

New York winters can be tough, especially when we have two feet of snow as we did at the beginning of February. At least now we’re about to come into the Vernal Equinox, which is when most of us turn our thoughts from the dark of winter to the rebirth of spring.

Your skin isn’t immune. After the dry, indoor heat of winter, spring is a good time to reevaluate how you’re taking care of your body’s largest organ, your skin.

Since we help our clients get rid of their unwanted hair to expose their bare, beautiful skin to the world, we feel it’s also good for us to provide skin care tips from time to time. So, in this blog, let’s get into nutrients your skin needs to look its best.

Healthy fats

Ever wonder where our skin’s “glow” comes from? It’s the fats we ingest. In fact, eating too little fat can leave your skin wrinkled and dry.

The best fats come from plants (nuts, seeds, avocados) and fish like salmon. These help your skin stay moist, firm, and flexible. That salmon has omega-3 fatty acids that are all the rage, and for good reason. They are polyunsaturated and your body needs them to build cell walls. They also block a chemical that lets skin cancer grow and spread, and they are thought to lower inflammation.


Your skin likes protein because your body turns it into amino acids and reuses them to make other proteins, including the collagen and keratin that provide the structure of our skin. Amino acids also help us slough off old, dead skin cells. Other amino acids are antioxidants that help protect our skin from the sun’s UV rays.

Vitamin A

You see vitamin A in every skin care product. That’s because both the epidermis and the dermis need it. Vitamin A helps prevent sun damage by interrupting the process that breaks down collagen. Vitamin A is also an antioxidant that gives your skin some protection against sunburns. It helps the oil glands around your hair follicles work and may also help cuts heal.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps the web of protein — collagen — hold its shape. It’s also a powerful antioxidant, lowering your chances of skin cancer and fighting off free radicals. When you’re low on vitamin C (that’s you, pirates!) your skin bruises easily and your gums bleed. Cuts heal more slowly.

That’s good for March’s first blog. In our second blog, let’s finish out the important nutrients your skin needs and then get into some foods that are chock full of them.

Until then, isn’t it about time to start getting your bikini line in line for summer swimsuits? Call us at Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal, (212) 750-2000, and let’s get started.

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