Laser Hair Removal New York, NY

Different Hair for Different People

Each human hair is unique. They grow independently and move in and out of their growth phases on their own. But, while each hair is unique, there are some general differences in the hair for people of different ethnicities. Who has the thickest hair? Asian people have on average the thickest and most coarse hair…  read more

Laser Hair Removal | New York, NY

Women and the Brazilian Look

While some social mores seem to come and go, others become longer lasting trends. The current Yeti phase of male facial hair is likely to become the next decade’s WTF moment when viewing today’s crop of Rutherford B. Hayes wannabes. After all, looking back at the 1970s, the advent of polyester made for some pretty…  read more

Laser Hair Removal For Men New York, NY

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Once upon a time, it was deemed sexy for a man to be as hairy as our ancient cousins you might see this summer in the latest Planet of the Apes movie. With the exception of back hair, just about everywhere else, the more hair, the manlier was the line of thinking. Uh, those days are…  read more

Laser Hair Removal New York, NY

Hair, Lasers, and You

At Romeo & Juliette, we’re all about getting rid of unwanted hair with our assortment of lasers. But we’re also hair experts — we respect the toughness of the little devils! Here’s some interesting stuff about all those hairs you’re looking to put out of business. Human hair anatomy Human hairs reside in follicles. The…  read more

A Little History

For whatever reason, men and women have had an affinity with having hair-free skin. Maybe it was to separate us from our jungle-dwelling relatives. Unfortunately, the human body is covered with hundreds of thousands of hair follicles. Still, the goal has long been to get rid of the hair. Ancient Egyptians used tweezers made from…  read more

Laser Hair Removal New York, NY

We Love Our Lasers

At Romeo & Juliette, we have more lasers than SPECTRE in a James Bond movie! We use 12, count ‘em, 12 lasers for hair removal and to address skin lesions and such. Why so many? Our lasers give us different options to address different skin tones, hair colors and thickness, and different treatment areas. This…  read more

Laser Hair Removal New York, NY

How Laser Hair Removal Works

No one likes shaving. Well, beyond your 15-year-old who is shaving for the first time, no one likes shaving. That is true regardless of sex, age, or any other criteria. The prospect of dragging an incredibly sharp piece of metal across your skin week after week for your entire life is just a drag, literally…  read more

Laser Hair Removal New York, NY

Zapping the Hair Permanently

Unwanted hair is like that distant uncle from Jersey who visits every year at the holidays. No matter what you do, it just keeps coming back. No matter your choice of removal method — shaving, plucking, waxing, or using harsh depilatory creams — the hair is gone, but in two or three weeks it starts…  read more