Winterize Your Winter Exercise

Laser Hair Removal NYC, NYMost of our patients at Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal want to look their best. That’s why they’re having their hair removed. Most of our clients are also active and try to stay fit. But wintertime can create roadblocks: the days are short; it’s cold and icy outside; our moods tend toward blue, and it seems our bodies want to store fat in some evolutionary leftover.

Here are a few tips from your friends at Romeo & Juliette to keep winter slothdom at bay.

Fight the fat

People think they put fat on in the winter, and there’s research to prove it. A University of Colorado study followed both men and women in summer and winter. They discovered that ATLPL, a chemical that promotes fat storage, almost doubled during the winter and dropped during the summer. Whoa.

But you can negate this winter phenomenon by exercising. Exercise, the study found, increases SMLPL, a muscle enzyme that promotes fat burning. So, 30 minutes of exercise most days can counter the winter fat storage mechanism.

Watch the carbs

Think you crave more sweet carbs in the winter? Or are there just more of them around? Well, they are around for all the winter parties, but you do crave them more in the winter. This is because winter’s diminished daylight makes the serotonin in our brains less active. With less serotonin, we can feel tired and hungry. That’s why your brain says, “Hey, that donut looks pretty good right now.” It knows that when you eat said donut and its carbohydrates, your serotonin level will rise.

You can go outside for at least 20 minutes to raise your body’s serotonin level. Or, try to eat healthy carbs such as sweet potatoes, oatmeal, or cinnamon toast. Cravings grow as the day goes on. Acknowledge it with a low-fat carb snack such as popcorn or cereal in the afternoon. But keep the amounts in check.

Don’t let the snow make you say “no.”

It’s easy to give up on your workout because there’s snow on the ground. But snow increases the difficulty of movement, so you burn more calories. For instance, a 30-minute moderate walk on a flat surface burns 106 calories for a 140-pound woman. Put on a pair of snowshoes, and that same walk more than doubles the burn to 256 calories. If you like to run, get some trail running shoes with deeper treads, and take shorter strides. Avoid downhill areas, for obvious reasons.

Don’t hit the couch before doing something

An easy trick to not simply bypass your workout because your warm, comfy couch is calling is to change into your workout clothes right when you get home. If you put on your PJs, the couch will win. Try to reward yourself with the couch AFTER you got a little exercise.

Of course, getting rid of unwanted hair is a great winter mood elevator, too. Plus, our bright, comfy offices will be like a breath of fresh air compared to the grey, icy piles of slush outside. Call us at 212-750-2000 to schedule a hair removal session.

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