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Thinning the Beard: Facial Hair Removal

This past 18 months has been unusual, to say the least. We’ve all been on more Zoom and FaceTime meetings and chats in that time than the accumulated total previously, and then some. 

This up-close video time has made some men long for less shaving. After all, the two-day old stubble look is a thing and it’s not going anywhere. But that sparse sort of look is hard for a man who grows extensive beard hair. 

So, why not let us get rid of some of those hair follicles and thin your beard? Genius! 

At Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal, more and more of our customers are men. Many of them come in to thin their beard hair. They don’t expect to get rid of every single hair on the face — they know laser hair removal effectively eliminates up to 85 percent of hair on areas such as the back. But with the density of facial hair, the permanent reduction can be more akin to 75 to 80 percent. 

Now that loose stubble look can be perfected! 

About your facial hair and our lasers 

Unless your facial hair growth is sparse, it’s almost impossible for most men to get rid of all of their beard hair. But it is possible to sculpt the hair you have. This makes the stubble look far easier to maintain. 

Or maybe you want us to work on your neck. There isn’t a man out there who enjoys shaving his neck. This is the area of nicks and ingrown hairs. We have many clients come in to specifically target their neck hair. You can get rid of most of the hair below your jawline because it isn’t anywhere near as dense as on your cheeks and chin. 

You can also target stragglers. Even men who have full beards struggle with stragglers coming in above (or below) their intended areas of full beard growth. We can target all of these stragglers very effectively, helping to give you a clean line to work with on your cheeks or jawline. 

If you have heavy beard growth, you could come in to have us thin it out. Plus, you also likely have neck hair that abuses your dress shirt collars after you shave. We can help save those shirts! 

OK, guys, now you know you can think of your beard when it comes to laser hair removal at Romeo & Juliette. It’s not out of the realm of possibility. Why not give us a call at (212) 750-2000 and set up a consultation so we can see what’s possible.

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