Managing PCOS Hair Growth With Laser Hair Removal

Hair is a natural part of the human body. However, PCOS can cause excessive amounts of hair and even facial hair to develop in women. This can be distressing or embarrassing to a woman who is trying to express her femininity. While facial hair is nothing to be ashamed of, every woman should take whatever steps are necessary to feel happy and comfortable with their body. Let’s take a look at what lasers can do for PCOS hair removal.

Understanding PCOS and Hair

PCOS stands for Polycystic ovary syndrome and is a condition affecting women’s ovaries. The ovaries can develop many cysts inside them. This can change the way ovaries function and has different effects on the body. This primarily happens because of large hormonal shifts caused by PCOS. It can create irregular periods, long periods, or skipped periods. PCOS is a chronic condition.

Excess facial and body hair can be developed from PCOS because of the way it affects your hormones. PCOS can cause high levels of the hormone androgen. Elevated levels of androgen in women can cause male pattern baldness, severe acne, and increased amounts of hair.

How Laser Hair Removal Helps

Laser hair removal is not designed to cure PCOS but rather to treat an unwanted symptom of PCOS. Laser hair removal is often used for people who are tired of shaving, want to save money, want to save time, and want a year-round hairless body. Women with PCOS get all of those benefits and no longer have to deal with the excessive amount of hair. It should be noted that women with PCOS, or any person who has dense hair, will need more treatment sessions than the average person.

Getting Treatment

PCOS can be a challenging condition that takes considerable effort on a woman’s part. Our goal at Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal is to alleviate excessive hair growth for women with PCOS through laser hair removal in New York. Our staff understands that women with PCOS want to focus on life and not deal with undesired hair growth. Take the first step toward being hair-free and contact us at 212-750-2000 today.

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