Guys and Unwanted Hair

If you’re over 50 you may remember when icons of male virility were covered with hair. Burt Reynolds comes to mind. He was one of America’s biggest movie stars in 1970s films such as Deliverance and Smokey and the Bandit. And he was one hairy dude. 

If you’re not that old, simply Google “Burt Reynolds” and “Cosmopolitan Magazine” and you’ll see for yourself. 

That was then. Today, men want less hair. Sure, all men still have to shave if they don’t want to grow a beard or the ubiquitous three-day growth, but men don’t really want to shave their back, chest, arms, shoulders, and pubic areas. 

That’s why men love Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal. With our 12 dedicated hair removal lasers, we can match the right laser to every man coming through the doors of our 57th Street offices. That makes living a life with less hair much easier. 

Here are some reasons more and more men are coming to us for laser hair removal. 

  • Changing aesthetics

Body hair isn’t necessarily linked with masculinity any longer. Even when it was, no one wanted hair on their back or shoulders. Those areas are still prime targets for our male clients, but men are also removing hair on their chest, arms, and legs. Men who want to keep the enduring stubble look on their face are even opting to have laser hair removal to downsize their active facial hair follicles. 

  • Perceived hygiene

Whether it’s fair or not, many women associate excessive hairiness in men with a certain lack of hygiene. Obviously, this isn’t true, but perception is perception. 

  • No more ingrown hairs

Men with particularly dense facial hair can be prone to developing ingrown hairs. This is especially true on the neck. The condition is known as pseudofolliculitis barbae. Clusters of inflamed, red, or dark bumps appear around the hair follicles as a result of shaving. These are basically ingrown hairs that are pushing in various directions. Our clients love that these ingrown hairs start to decrease and disappear after just a couple of sessions. 

  • Quit the balding fight

Some men are sick of dealing with the decreasing hair on their head, knowing that the end will be baldness. Rather than trying to cover up their increasing hair loss, these men simply have us get rid of the remaining follicles still in growth phase. This is easier than shaving every day, and it simply allows the man to move to the end without the annoyance of the continuing loss of hair. 

At Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal, we love our male clientele. Whatever your reasons for wanting to get rid of some of your body hair, give us a call. We’re New York’s preeminent laser hair removal practice. Call (212) 750-2000 to schedule a consultation.

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