Who Likes Underarm Nicks and Razor Burn?

Shaving areas like your legs is bad enough. Shaving your underarms can be a real pain, literally. Nicks, razor burns, ingrown hair…and then two weeks later you get to do it all over again.

Or, you could lose the underarm hair starting this summer at Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal. Underarm laser hair removal is one of our most popular procedures.

Would I be a good candidate for underarm laser hair removal?

The best candidates are those with excessive or dark hair on their underarms. While most laser hair removal providers require their patients to have dark-colored hair and lighter skin tones, that’s not necessary at Romeo & Juliette. We have 12 different lasers that we use only for laser hair removal. This gives us the widest latitude in New York for addressing different hair colors and skin tones.

Good candidates do know that it will take more than a single laser hair removal session to remove all of their underarm hair. That’s because different hairs can all be in different phases of the hair growth cycle. Only hair in the anagen (growth) phase is affected by laser energy, so additional sessions are necessary to get more and more of the hair in the anagen phase. Also, some hair follicles that are partially damaged may recover and start growing hair again.

Overall, however, 90+ percent permanent hair removal in the underarms is easily achievable.

What do I have to do to get ready?

There are certain medications and supplements that can make your skin tender and these shouldn’t be taken for a period of two weeks before your session. We’ll talk with you about these. Because our underarms are usually hidden, it’s not a problem with the skin being tan. You want the most contrast between skin color and hair color; that’s why tanning beforehand is bad. Also, you need to avoid any sunless tanning. Don’t pluck or wax your underarm hair, either, as we want the hairs to be actively rooted in the follicle. Shaving beforehand is fine, as shaving only cuts the hair above the follicle.

This has to hurt on my underarms, right?

The efficiency of our lasers at Romeo & Juliette ensures your comfort. When the laser energy is delivered, you’ll feel a snapping sensation or a warming sensation. Most patients don’t equate this with pain. Afterwards you may have some slight redness and inflammation, but this passes quickly and can be handled with a cold compress.

Who wants to keep shaving their underarms? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Then call the laser hair removal professionals at Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal, (212) 750-2000, and set up your free consultation to get rid of the hair permanently.

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