Is Your Skin Dry or Dehydrated?

Skin Care Services | Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal | New York, NYIn Manhattan, we don’t usually think of summertime as “dry.” Sultry, sweaty, sauna-like, beastly — maybe those words, but not dry. But come inside to the canned heat of winter and your skin can feel dry. Or is it dehydrated? Same thing, right? Uh, no.

What’s the difference? Actually a lot. Since we like to help our laser hair removal clients also take care of their skin, let’s get into this skinny topic so you’re ready when winter rolls in.

What Is Dry Skin?

Dry skin has these characteristics:

  • Lacks oil (sebum)
  • Is just the way your skin is, from birth
  • Feels dry all over, including the hands and scalp
  • Is more susceptible to premature aging
  • Constantly needs moisturizer, especially during the winter
  • Needs oil-rich skin care products

What Is Dehydrated Skin?

  • Lacks water
  • Anyone can have dehydrated skin
  • Can feel both oily and dry at the same time
  • May experience breakouts
  • Comes and goes with diet, environment, incorrect skin care products
  • Needs water-rich skin care products

Your Skin Type Is What You’re Born With

You are born with your skin type, whether that is oily, dry, or somewhere in the middle. Your skin condition, on the other hand, can change and allow irritation and other issues such as acne. That’s why it’s important to know the difference between skin conditions.

If you have dry skin, it is lacking oil. And it’s that way across your body, from your scalp to your hands to your legs. When you put on moisturizers and lotions, chances are they soak up fairly quickly. If this sounds like your skin, you need to use oil- or cream-based products daily.

If you have a dehydrated skin condition, your skin is lacking water. This can be due to makeup, diet, weather, and other factors. When your skin is dehydrated it creates more oil to make up for the missing water. This can lead to breakouts, irritation, and dry patches. It’s odd, but your skin can feel oily and dry at the same time. If this sounds like you, you first need to find out what’s dehydrating you and change that or deal with it. You should use skin care products such as skin hydrating boosters or skin hydrating masques.

Once you get a handle on your skin condition, maybe it’s time to do something about shaving and plucking those unwanted hairs continually. And don’t even get started on what waxing does to your skin!

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