Your Summer Skin: Skin Care Tips for Summer

As we’ve emerged from the weirdest first half of the year any of us has known, it’s mid-summer and we’re ready for it! But is your skin ready for summer?

Since we’re all about helping you get your skin as silky smooth as possible. Of course, our part of it is removing the unwanted hair with our 12 lasers. But we also want to help with skin care tips every now and then.

So, for this second blog of mid-summer, let’s get into summer and skin care. Here are some tips.

Lighten up

You summer skin regimen, just like your clothing, needs to lighten up. Your heavy winter cleanser can be replaced with a foaming option. You also don’t need to have a heavy moisturizer. Instead, opt for a lighter moisturizer with SPF 30 in it. In summer, thicker moisturizers will lead to clogged pores, inflammation, and acne.

Still need to moisturize your skin

People often assume their sweaty skin feels greasy, and this must mean it is moisturized. Nope. Even if your skin feels oily, it still needs to be cleaned and moisturized. Just keep it light, as mentioned above.

Vitamin C serum

A few drops of a vitamin C serum really help your skin year round. But it’s even more important in the summer due to the sun’s impact.

Less shower time

We go to the beach. We take a run in Central Park. We simply walk through a sultry Manhattan day. And we end up showering more than once a day. If you need another shower, keep it short and not too hot. That can lead to your skin becoming overly dry. In some people, this can lead to summertime eczema.

Shed, shed, shed

We shed clothes in our humid New York summers. You should also look to shed more skin cells. Summer is time for exfoliation. Add extra exfoliation days in the summer, using alpha-hydroxy acid pads. This will get some skin cells to slough off, and it opens clogged pores and reduces oil.

Sunscreen isn’t optional

OK, unless you’re 25, you’re probably guilty of at least a few times baking in the sun with baby oil to maximize the sun’s rays. Kind of like sautéing mushrooms, only it’s your skin. Everyone knows that is the quickest way to have beat-up, wrinkly, crepe-like skin when you’re older. Wear sunscreen. Broad spectrum 30 SPF or higher. The longer you’re outside, the more you need to reapply. Want to know a great way to remember when to re-apply? Set a timer on your phone.

Now that you’re protecting your summer skin, how about we don’t protect your unwanted summer hair. Call the city’s foremost hair removal specialists, Romeo & Juliette at (212) 750-2000 to set up your next hair removal session.

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