The Rest of the Dry Skin Story

In this month’s first blog we delved into five reasons your winter skin is so dry and itchy, and we gave you five ways to help it from becoming that way. In this second November blog, let’s get into five more to make it an even 10.

  • Harsh bar soap

You wouldn’t think so, but many bar soaps aren’t overly friendly to your skin. This is especially true of deodorant soaps which contain detergents that remove your skin’s natural oils. This makes it dry and sensitive.

Switch to a moisturizing, fragrance-free body wash that leaves your skin soft rather than stripped. You can still use the bar soap on your feet and armpits, if you want.

  • Stay hydrated

During our sweaty, humid Manhattan summers, it’s natural to continually be drinking water because you’re sweating so much. But you lose water through your skin all year round, even when it’s cold and you don’t think you’re sweating. Our bodies are 70 percent water. Put that body in dry indoor heat all day and night and you’re getting dehydrated. You’ll feel it and see it in your skin.

Drink plenty of fluids during the winter.

  • Not eating right

Our skin cells are protected by fat that keeps them soft, plump, and malleable. Clinically known as lipids, these wrap your cells with a protective bubble. In the winter if you’re not getting enough fatty acids in your diet, your cells won’t have the protection they need.

Eat foods with “good fats.” Omega-3 fatty acids are the prime option. You can find them in salmon and other fish, tofu, walnuts, soybeans, and foods fortified with the stuff.

  • The wrong clothing

Wool sweaters may seem really warm and inviting, but to your skin they can be a torture test. If you have dry winter skin, especially if you have eczema or sensitive skin, the fibers in wool clothing actually scratch the skin, irritating it.

The solution is to wear cotton, silk, or other soft, smooth fabrics next to your skin. These fibers allow your skin to breathe and they wick away any sweat. If you absolutely must wear that wool sweater, layer a soft cotton T-shirt or turtleneck under it to keep the wool away from your skin.

  • Lip licking

Licking your dry lips feels good…temporarily. Eventually licking your smackers dries them out as the saliva evaporates. Additionally, wearing matte or long-wearing lipstick can dry your lips out.

Find a rich lip ointment or lip butter in a pot. These are better than the old waxy lip balms. Apply these under lipstick, throughout the day, and before bedtime.

Now you’re armed and ready to get your skin through the cold, dry, winter weather. This is also a great time to start getting rid of that unwanted hair. You’ll need multiple sessions at Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal to get rid of the amount of hair you seek permanently. Call us at (212) 750-2000 to set up your first appointment.

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