History of Laser Hair Removal

Everyone has unwanted hair. Whether it’s above their upper lip, on the chin, under the arms, on the back, wherever — we’d all like to see it go away for good.

At Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal, we have 12 different lasers dedicated to those wishes. That’s the most available lasers to adapt to different skin tones and hair colors, and it ensures you’ll have the most hair reduction on the most available areas.

Here’s some information about how all of this came to be.

Commercial lasers

The first use of lasers for hair removal started in the late 60s and 70s on an experimental basis. Different wavelengths and pulse durations were used for their effectiveness, but there were initially problems with too much heat delivered onto the skin. But over the course of the next two decades, different lasers were used and proved to be safe.

The FDA granted commercial approval for permanent hair reduction in 1996 and the laser hair removal process began.

Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale

Because laser hair removal works best when there is a high degree of contrast between the patient’s skin color and hair color. This led to the development by dermatologist Thomas Fitzpatrick of the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale. This scale ranks skin and hair color for tanning versus burning, and it is used to decide which of our lasers would be best for individual patients. The Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale runs from Type 1 (red and blonde hair, blue eyes, burns easily, freckles, very fair skin) to Type 6 (black hair, dark brown eyes, may never burn).

At Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal, our wide array of lasers enables us to treat every level on the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Scale. This is unusual because most laser hair removal practices cannot treat Type 1 and Type 2 patients because of the potential for skin burning.

Compared to other options

Some people balk at the number of treatments necessary to attain from 80-90 percent hair reduction, which is about as much as you can realistically achieve (this is because each hair needs to be in the growth cycle at the time of treatment). Most people need from 4-6 treatments to achieve this type of hair reduction, although it does depend on the area being treated.

This can seem expensive, but not when you consider the long-term costs of your other options. It has been estimated that a lifetime of shaving will cost a person around $10,000. A lifetime of waxing treatments will cost around $23,000. You’ll see that long-term hair reduction with Romeo & Juliette is actually the most economical solution.

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