What is the Real Cost of Getting Rid of Your Unwanted Hair?

Now that another beach season has come and gone (although this was the oddest beach season of our entire collective lifetimes), and you’ve shaved, waxed, applied nasty depilatory creams, and the like to keep your legs looking beach ready, you’re probably contemplating having the hair removed permanently. That’s what we’re all about at Romeo & Juliette, where we have 12 different lasers that are up to the task of clearing your legs and any other areas of your body from unwanted hair for good.

But the potential cost is holding you back.

While it is true that laser hair removal involves a higher initial level of expense when it is done, most people don’t consider the long-term costs of getting rid of the hair the old fashioned way. They don’t consider that this is done over and over again for perpetuity.

So, in this first blog of autumn, let’s see how costs measure up.


Let’s assume you shave your legs three times a week from the time you’re 18 until your 50th birthday. That’s a total of 5148 shaving sessions. This will take about 1700 hours (yes, 71 days!). If you use one average priced razor per week, that’s a total of $3,000 or so on razors. Add in one can of shaving gel each month for another $1000. So, on average, a lifetime of shaving your legs costs about $4,000, and it took you 2.5 months of your life that you will never get back.


OK, enough with the self-removal. How about you head to your favorite salon and have them wax your legs. You do this once every six weeks, which is about the time interval to keep your legs in good shape. That’s a total of 286 treatments. If you go on the low end of the cost spectrum, let’s say $32 per waxing session, that equates to $9,152 in a lifetime. That’s more than double the cost of shaving, but it’ll save you time, taking only 2.5 weeks out of your life to have your legs waxed.

Laser Hair Removal

Now consider the costs of removing 80-85 percent of your leg hair permanently with laser hair removal at Romeo & Juliette. We generally recommend a series of six sessions, although some of our clients need up to 12 sessions to get the permanent results they seek. We offer a discount when you sign up for a series of sessions.

Once we see your hair color and other factors that can influence which lasers we use, we can then give you a precise cost estimate. But know this, although you’ll be spending probably between $1,500 and $2,000 for laser hair removal on your legs, you’ll only need to have your series of sessions, and then you’ll probably have one or two sessions yearly for maintenance to keep up with some hair follicles that were not fully destroyed.

No matter how you do the math, you’ll come out way ahead, and you’ll have hours of extra time to boot. What’s not to love?

Interested in starting on your legs with laser hair removal so they’re ready come next summer’s beach season? Call the expert team at Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal, (212) 750-2000, and schedule your consultation.

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