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Facial Laser Hair Removal New York, NY Women hate shaving their underarms and legs every couple of weeks. Imagine shaving every day for your entire adult life.

Sounds like Groundhog Day with a razor…Or being a man.

Yes, the daily ritual of men shaving their facial hair is the ultimate in tedium. When it comes right down to it, the tedium is probably part of the reason many men opt to forget about it and grow beards.

More and more men are coming to Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal and having us target their beard hair. Here are some reasons why.

No more burn

Our facial and neck skin is very sensitive and it’s not a fan of sharp steel being dragged across it on a daily basis. The odds of occasionally developing areas of razor burn are 100 percent. It’s inevitable. When you drag the razor blades over your skin every morning, sometimes the hair that is under the skin’s surface and the hair follicles housing them become inflamed. This is razor burn. It happens the most on the neck, and the result is itchy, red skin that is often accompanied by painful bumps. Removing most of the hair with a laser puts an end to razor burn, and leaves your skin happier and smoother.

Beard shaping or reduction

If you have really heavy beard growth, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to remove all of your facial hair. It’s a better possibility if you have thinner beard growth. If you’re a hockey fan, think Brent Burns vs. Sidney Crosby with their playoff beards.

Other men seek to shape their beards. They opt to remove their beard hair in certain areas, allowing it to grow in others. Our Romeo & Juliette technicians can help you with this sculpting. For instance, maybe you simply want to allow your hair to grow in a goatee style, but you’d like to remove as much of the rest as possible.

Other men opt to remove all the hair on their necks. This is a painful area to shave and it creates a very unkempt look when included as part of your beard. Again, think Brent Burns or Julian Edelman of the Patriots.

Not just for the back or chest

Many men have laser hair removal on unwanted back or shoulder hair. Others want to remove their chest hair. More and more men are thinking about putting our collection of lasers at Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal to work on their facial hair, as well.

Interested in ditching the morning shave? Call Romeo & Juliette at (212) 750-2000 and let’s see what we can do for you.

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